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Faster recovery after exercise

The Powerinsole is a small gel pad with an integrated power chip that positively influences cells from the outside through coordinated frequencies.

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More restful nights -
more well-being

The Powerinsole is a small gel pad with an integrated power chip that positively influences cells from the outside through coordinated frequencies.

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1:0 for more endurance

"The Powerinsole is a small gel pad with an integrated power chip that positively influences cells from the outside through coordinated frequencies."

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Enhanced quality of life in sports, profession, and leisure

the effectiveness of the Powerinsole has been substantiated in numerous diverse studies. Additionally, we consistently receive fantastic positive feedback from our customers regarding faster recovery, increased well-being, and reduced pain.

The Powerinsole ensures...

improved cell regeneration / wound healing by 39.9%

less tension

Reduction of muscle soreness

fewer muscle adhesions and cramps

reduced fatigue symptoms

less heavy legs after long workdays

supports with heel spurs


The Powerinsole, as a gel pad, can be easily placed in the shoe.

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Extra wide and sturdy, perfect for use with the Powerinsole®

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How it works, what it brings you, and where you can use it.

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Simple, flexible, for everyone!

The Powerinsole is not only indispensable for every athlete, but has become an essential part of many people's professional and daily lives, as it significantly contributes to increased well-being and enhanced performance.

Due to its versatile application, the Powerinsole is the optimal daily companion for everyone. Simply stick it in your shoes and feel the comfort!

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less fatigue


reduced leg fatigue after prolonged standing


less tension after long workdays


Scientifically proven

The positive effects of Powerinsole have already been confirmed in numerous studies.

To assess the effects from a medical perspective, we collaborate with doctors from various specialties as well as institutions, universities, companies, and performance centers in different countries.

Regarding the studies

User Feedback

I am very satisfied with the Powerinsole. I have been using the Powerinsole in my running shoes for quite some time now. I have experienced a positive impact on endurance performance as well as a reduction in recovery time. The heart rate decreased with consistent endurance exercise. Recovery time has decreased by about a third. A friend of mine bought the Powerinsole about two weeks ago and can only report positive effects. He no longer experiences muscle soreness after specific training sessions. Recovery has also improved. In summary, I can only recommend the Powerinsole.

- Fred, Trainer, Austrian Armed Forces

In my job, I am on the go all day for installations, and wearing safety shoes is a must. The instructional video on your website helped me a lot with the placement. After about 5 days, I could feel a significant improvement in my head and back pain. Currently, I not only wear your product...

- Michael, 38 Jahre, Carpenter

The product is truly amazing. The orthopedist couldn't help me with the pain on the sole of my foot for 2 years. But the insoles worked, and the inflammation is gone!

- Martina Eschauer

Hello Powerinsole Team, I've been using the Powerinsole for about 2 months now and initially had some difficulty with the correct positioning. After looking at the website, I found the installation video, which helped me a lot. Since then, everything fits and sits perfectly. As a self-employed masseuse, I stand for about 8-12 hours every day, leading to muscle problems in my back. Stiffness and cramps are nothing unusual. I started using the Powerinsole without specific expectations, and after about 14 days, I noticed fewer muscle tensions at the end of the day and even better concentration. Since then, my fatigue has significantly decreased.

- Andrea, 36 Jahre, Massage therapist

use the Powerinsole at work and during sports. The instructional video was very helpful in finding the correct positioning and optimizing the comfort. After the 3rd day, I noticed a significant increase in my energy, which I reinvest in my own recovery, allowing me to continue my activities for a bit longer.

- Albert, 39 Jahre

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