The founding duo Sonja and Martin introduce themselves

We, Sonja and Martin Masching, began developing Powerinsole in 2014. Our goal was to create something that one can constantly have with them and that contributes to a better sense of well-being. Because when one seeks therapy for any discomfort, going once is usually not enough; in some cases, the symptoms worsen again after a certain period. That's why we thought it would be great if one could have their 'therapy' with them at all times.

The original idea was to develop a shoe, but we quickly discarded this as we had no knowledge of shoe construction, especially lacked the financial means. Then we considered whether we should develop an insole, but this idea was too inflexible for us as well. We definitely wanted something that everyone could use. And so, after a long period of tinkering and many tests, the Powerinsole was created. In the fall of 2016, we founded Powerinsole VertriebsgmbH and initially started distribution online, and now we have a range of retailers as well.


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Our appearance on '2 Minutes 2 Million' in May 2019 gave us a significant boost. Since then, both the number of customers and retailers has been rapidly increasing, and the many positive feedbacks reassure us that we are on the right track. Furthermore, we already have many ideas and are diligently working on advancements for the Powerinsole.

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Master Sonja Masching

Sonja studied Business Administration at the University of Innsbruck and gained initial experience in a managerial position in retail. She then spent 12 years working for a German fashion company, where she was responsible for creating economic calculations, project management, process optimization, and innovation, among other things. Since 2014, alongside her husband, she has been developing Powerinsole and co-founded Powerinsole VertriebsgmbH in 2016, where she has been serving as the managing director.

Martin Masching 

Martin Masching completed an apprenticeship as an electromechanic and mechanical engineer. After that, he gained experience in various industries, including roles as a production planner, operations manager, project manager, and managing director. In 2014, he started his own business and, in addition, has been developing Powerinsole with his wife. In 2016, Powerinsole VertriebsgmbH was founded, where he has been serving as the managing director since then.


Enhanced Performance in Sports, Profession, and Leisure

The Powerinsole Helps You in Sports and Everyday Life:

Improved Cell Regeneration / Wound Healing by 39.9%

Reduced Tension

Reduced Muscle Soreness

Reduced Pain After Injuries

Reduced Muscle Adhesions and Cramps

Reduced Fatigue Symptoms

reduced Heavy Legs After Long Workdays

Aids with Heel Spur

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