"Experts are thrilled by the Powerinsole®!"

"Because we wanted to build our product on a solid scientific foundation, we have been collaborating with doctors from orthomolecular and general medicine since the beginning of development.

Already in the prototype stage, we conducted double-blind tests at a performance diagnostics center, which showed a faster lactate breakdown, resulting in fewer muscle cramps and fatigue, as well as a lower heart rate during exertion, and more. Additionally, numerous blood flow measurements consistently yielded positive results.In order to rule out a placebo effect, tests were also conducted at a horse therapy center near Munich, which showed fantastic results.

Furthermore, we already have many enthusiastic customers, and we receive almost daily positive feedback with exciting experiences, such as fewer issues with plantar fasciitis or varicose veins, reduced tension and back pain, no more cold feet, reduced irritability, and even reports of reduced phantom pain have reached us."

"The functioning of our Powerchip is most comparable to a magnetic resonance application/stimulation. 'Information' is uploaded onto the Powerchip using a special process and transmitted to the cells through our specially developed technology. This positively influences the energy field of the cells from the outside and stimulates the cells to work more efficiently. This leads to improved blood circulation, increasing the oxygen levels in the cellular tissue and enhancing nutrient supply to the cells. This can promote an increased cellular metabolism, thus strengthening the immune system and initiating a faster healing process."


Scientific Papers and Studies

To examine the effectiveness from a medical perspective, we collaborate with doctors from various specialties, as well as institutions, universities, companies, and performance centers from different countries. This provides us with a multitude of opportunities to visualize the effectiveness of the Powerinsole, some of which are outlined below.

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Cell Regenerative Properties and Free Radical Scavenging Effects of Powerinsole®

Dartsch Scientific Institute for Cell Biological Testing Systems

The cell regenerative properties and free radical scavenging effects of the Powerinsole® were studied at Dartsch Scientific's "Institute for Cell Biological Testing Systems" under the guidance of its director, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter C. Dartsch. Using current cell biological testing methods, the study aimed to investigate whether the Powerinsole® can promote cell regenerative properties and compensate for an excess of endogenously produced radicals, thus preventing oxidative stress in the tissue. Such localized oxidative stress in the tissue plays a significant role, for instance, in inflammatory reactions or cell regenerative processes following overexertion.

 According to the answered questions, the Powerinsole contributes to overall well-being. Subjects reported not only a subjective improvement in various pains but also in their general well-being. Based on the available results, it can be assumed that the long-term use of Powerinsole leads to increased well-being, improved concentration, reduced fatigue, resulting in enhanced performance and fewer sick days.

Microscopic representation of recolonization of a cell-free area by connective tissue fibroblasts incubated simultaneously with a Powerinsole® with an inactive chip (A) and a Powerinsole® with an active chip (B) for 36 hours. The beneficial effect on (B) is noticeably evident in a direct comparison.

The untreated control was set at 100%.

The individual measurements from three independent experiments with 4 samples each are shown. It is evident that the inactive chip did not show any effect compared to the untreated control. However, the active chip resulted in a statistically significant inactivation of endogenously produced radicals by approximately 24%.

The Powerinsole has clearly demonstrated its beneficial properties in inactivating endogenously produced radicals, thereby preventing oxidative stress in the tissue and enhancing cell regeneration.

provides a preventive approach, resulting in a reduction of metabolic changes. Such changes are stress reactions to physical traumas caused by physical exertion. The Powerinsole counteracts this by enhancing performance and reducing oxidative stress.

In summary, the Powerinsole

  • inhibits oxidative stress, which is associated with numerous radical-related symptoms and conditions such as osteoarthritis (joint inflammation)*, by up to 24%!
  • enhances post-exertion recovery
  • prevents oxidative stress in the tissue and contributes to improving cell regeneration.
  • improves cell regeneration/wound healing on average by 39.9%

The cellular biological effectiveness of Powerinsole, along with the many other scientific confirmations of its mode of action, is another significant proof.

Please note that despite many successes in various areas, the Powerinsole is not a medical product! If you have any medical conditions, the Powerinsole does not replace the need to consult a doctor. The Powerinsole also does not replace any medication prescribed by a doctor or medical treatments!

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