Norbert Lüftenegger

Ultratriathlon World Cup Winner
20 long distances in 20 days—plus breaking the world record by nearly 11 hours! 😲

"How is this possible?"
"I'd be exhausted after an Ironman and wouldn't want to do any sports the next day."
"How can the muscles and joints endure such prolonged stress?"
"It takes several weeks of recovery after an Ironman."
These are some of the questions I've been asked repeatedly in recent days. And I can tell you, there's a very simple explanation for how this is achieved:

Very good knowledge of one's own body and what it can endure, coupled with some physical training 💪🏻
Discipline, control, and mental strength 😎
Powerinsole 🤩
Yes, indeed, those little pads you stick in your shoes are small wonders. 🔝👌🏻
What began three years ago with much skepticism continues to impress me daily.

The detailed explanation of how it works would be too lengthy here. But here's a small personal example:
Due to my sedentary office job, I constantly struggle with neck and shoulder issues. 🤕 The more exercise I do, the better it gets.

Before my first competition this year in Bad Blumau, there was very little training and a lot of work to be done. Where did that lead? Yes, to neck problems.
Eventually, during bike rides, I had to constantly stop after just 50 km because the neck tension caused excruciating headaches. 😫
Well, this was quite a significant problem for my plans of cycling 540 km, 900 km, or 3600 km...

What to do? I stuck the Powerinsole to the area of tension on the left and right side of my shirt, and suddenly the problem was solved. Of course, I switched positions several times to rule out the coincidence effect.
And so, during the Triple in Bad Blumau (3rd place), the Quintuple in York (1st place), and the DoubleDeca in Buchs (1st place with WR), I was able to complete the cycling distances effortlessly.

For those who don't believe it, feel free to try it or not. It has certainly helped me tremendously, and I'm extremely thrilled with the result.

Many thanks to Sonja Masching and Martin Masching for this ingenious sports, wellness, and health product.

World records:
2019 DoubleDeca one-per-day Swissultra (CH) – 20x 3.8 km swim/180 km bike/42.2 km run

2019 Double one-per-day Leon (MEX) – 2x 3.8/180/42.2

2015 Quintuple one-per-day Leon (MEX) – 5x 3.8/180/42.2


2015 + 2019 1st place IUTA Ultratriathlon Worldcup overall

11x Single Long Distance (3.8/180/42.2) – ThorXtreme Triathlon (NOR), Austria eXtreme TRIATHLON (AUT), 3x Ironman Austria (AUT), 2x Challenge Roth (GER), Wasserstadt Hannover Triathlon (GER) 7x Double Ultratriathlon (7.6/360/84.4) 4x Triple Ultratriathlon (11.4/540/126.6) -> 1x – 3rd place 3x Quintuple Ultratriathlon (19/900/211) -> 3x – 1st place 1x Deca Ultratriathlon (38/1800/422) -> 1x – 1st place 1x DoubleDeca Ultratriathlon (76/3600/844) -> 1x – 1st place


85x Marathon (incl. Ultrarun, incl. Triathlon) 39x Marathon + Ultrarun 14x Marathon 20x Halfmarathon Uberman – Badwater Ultrarun (217km) (USA) Great Wall Marathon (CN) Wingsforlifeworldrun (AUT, GER) Balaton Szupermarathon (196km) (HU) Taubertal 100 (GER) Mt. Everest Treppenmarathon (GER)


100 miles of Istria (CRO)

Mozart100 (AUT)


Transalpine Run (265km) (GER, AUT, ITA)

Hochköningman Endurance Trail (AUT)

Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail P85 + P45 (AUT) Schwarzachtrail (AUT) Traunsee Bergmarathon (AUT)

179 competitions since 2012.