Karl Ploberger

Organic Gardener and Hobby Athlete

When I think back about 10 to 15 years, everything was completely different back then. There wasn't much time for sports in my office life - after all, my book is not called "The Garden for Smart Sloths" for nothing, and I was constantly plagued by back pain - the constant sitting at the desk, lack of muscle, and gardening were to blame. Eventually, there came a point where I thought to myself: This can't go on! Even a lazy gardener has to bring out his athletic side and literally "blossom"!

The change happened, and I slowly but efficiently started with muscle building and strength training. Later on, running became part of my routine too.

In the past, I would have thought: Run 10 kilometers? Never! Today, I gladly take on this challenge and do at least one extensive run per week with my daughter Karoline. What can't be missing anymore: the Powerinsole in my running shoes!

My daughter gave me the Powerinsole for Christmas, and since I generally like to try everything, the gel pads were immediately stuck in my shoes. Since then, they have accompanied me on every run, and I can say: I am full of enthusiasm, and the following day I have no complaints whatsoever. So, I immediately needed a second pair of Powerinsole gel pads! 😉