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Innovation Against Heel Spurs*

Powerinsole® acitve | $ 99.00

Are you suffering from heel spurs* or plantar fasciitis*?

The Powerinsole® can help!

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The Powerinsole® functions similarly to magnetic resonance therapy; through its specially developed technology, tailored frequencies are sent to the cells.

It acts as an energy booster at the cellular level and can help with issues such as heel spurs, muscle soreness, post-injury pain, fatigue, heavy legs, muscle adhesions, and cramps.

The effectiveness of Powerinsole® has been demonstrated in numerous different studies. Additionally, we consistently receive fantastic positive feedback from our customers regarding reduced pain, increased well-being, and faster recovery.

Scientifically Proven!

The positive effects of Powerinsole® have already been confirmed in numerous studies!

"In the conducted studies, Powerinsole® has clearly demonstrated its positive attributes. Therefore, regular use of the product is highly recommended."

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter C. Dartsch

Not only our customers are convinced - in a test by, Powerinsole® was awarded a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and the seal of "Excellent."

Powerinsole Aufbau

This is how you use Powerinsole®!

Easy, flexible, for everyone!

Powerinsole Aufbau

The handling of the Powerinsole® is very easy. Simply peel off the film and stick the Powerinsole® into the shoes. If the positioning is not comfortable, you can easily remove and reposition the Powerinsole®.

Due to the special active gel, you don't have to commit to a specific pair of shoes to wear the Powerinsole®. You can easily switch them from shoe to shoe.

"We explicitly state that the Powerinsole is not a medical product, and the described effects are reported by users who have used the Powerinsole. These effects are considered a positive side effect. However, the product is not marketed for the purpose of curing or improving medical conditions."

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Your Next Step Toward a Better Quality of Life

Powerinsole® acitve | $ 99.00