Frank Kingler

Orthopedic Technician Master and Managing Director of Sanitätshaus Kingler

Frank Kingler is an Orthopedic Technician Master and the Managing Director of Sanitätshaus Kingler, with branches in Bad Camberg and Limburg. In 2011, he completed advanced training to become a Sports Orthopedic Technician and has since regularly attended advanced courses in various sports disciplines (most recently in the field of football).

Through this additional training, Frank Kingler offers the best possible orthopedic care, especially for hobbyists and elite athletes. The main focus lies primarily in insoles, sports shoes, sports compression stockings, and, of course, all related bandages.

Frank Kingler speaks from experience, having repeatedly completed the Ultra-Rennsteigmarathon over 72.2km, among other feats.

He specializes in the indication-appropriate and precise insole provision in the sports sector. This service, upon request, is conducted using computer-aided gait analysis/foot pressure measurement. This allows for the precise and rapid determination and correction of individual stress points and possible misalignments.

In addition to athletes from the region, Frank Kingler has professionally advised numerous athletes from various fields. These include, among others, a junior national team of the German Football Association, a professional football team, and the Women's National Hockey Team. Internationally, he provided care to the world's best athletes during the 2014 Olympic Games.

Frank Kingler emphasizes that individualized and indication-appropriate orthopedic care is the best prerequisite for all athletes to maintain the joy of sports and enhance performance.

A while ago, he became aware of the Powerinsole—a Powerchip embedded in a gel pad that can be adhered to the shoe. Frank Kingler tested it and was thrilled with its effects. The Powerinsole delivers on its promises: increased endurance, reduced pain during exercise, decreased muscle soreness, and improved concentration and reduced fatigue in daily life.

Now, Frank Kingler has created a perfect combination of personalized insole provision and the additional positive effects of the Powerinsole. He even seamlessly integrated the Powerinsole into the insoles for existing insole wearers. This package, including the associated gait/motion analysis and individual consultation, is now available through his services.

The first customers have already tested the Powerinsole and are more than enthusiastic:

Christopher Bertram on Frank Kingler's provision of insoles with integrated Powerinsole:

"I am totally thrilled with the integration of the Powerinsole into my insoles. Since then, I have not only experienced less pain during long-distance runs, sprints, rapid turns, and stops, but also more energy thanks to the Powerinsole. I recover significantly faster after running sessions. Muscle soreness or cramps occur much less frequently compared to earlier. I also notice the positive effect of the Powerinsole in my professional and leisure activities. I feel fit for longer, my concentration has significantly improved, and the stress level has noticeably reduced. I highly recommend the Powerinsole along with the insole provision from Frank Kingler, not only to athletes."