Dr.Med.Univ. Christian Pegger


Powerinsole Review
...after my own critical testing phase in daily life and in the pursuit of my athletic activities in the ambitious domain, coupled with the feedback from my clients with various conditions (including injuries, fatigue, and preventive care), I am quite satisfied with the use and effectiveness of the Powerinsole.

One should not expect to turn into the "Hulk" by using the Powerinsole. However, this is not claimed by the distributor either.

Through the use of the Powerinsole, (existing) weaknesses in the body are identified, the feeling of fatigue during strenuous physical and mental activity is noticeably reduced, and even on days when one feels less capable, an "extra" level of performance can still be achieved.

Therefore, I recommend the Powerinsole to all those individuals who face increased stress in their everyday life and leisure activities.

Dr.med.univ. Christian Pegger
General Practitioner, Sports Medicine Specialist, Altitude Medicine Specialist, Holistic Medicine Specialist