Dr. med. Stefan Triebel

I have extensively tested the Powerinsole insoles in a professional context and have made the following observations:

In the course of my extensive operative work, I have come across the effectiveness of stationary magnetic field therapy in cases of delayed bone healing. Here, I observed astonishing bioinductive reactions.

Furthermore, during my many years of experience in sports medicine as the team doctor for ERC Ingolstadt, we witnessed remarkable recovery situations in competitive sports through the use of stationary and expensive magnetic field applications.

Therefore, it does not surprise me that in addition to the excellent wearing comfort of the insole with subtle and outstanding craftsmanship, the unique price-performance ratio, and the simplicity of application, the effect of the Powerinsole chip is noticeably significant. During critical examinations, especially in telephone conferences, I experienced significantly increased attention and presence. This also had a positive effect on creative inputs during discussions.

After long periods of predominantly sitting activities, the level of exhaustion was noticeably reduced.

The insights gained by Prof. Dartsch in his study, indicating that inflammations are reduced faster and improved cell regeneration occurs through the use of Powerinsole technology, are definitely an interesting approach, especially in the times of COVID-19.

Dr. med. Stefan Triebel
Medical Director Orthopedics

Rehabilitation Center Bad Gögging

Specialist in Orthopedics

Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine