Christian Gschaider

Locksmith, Football Player, Coach, and Long-Distance Triathlete

I have been playing football since my childhood, and now I am also a coach. A few years ago, I discovered a new passion for long-distance triathlons. A few months ago, I was struggling with persistent calf pain, and various doctors couldn't find the cause. That's when a friend recommended the Powerinsole to me. Initially, I was very skeptical, as in my role as a football player and coach, I come across many of these so-called "miracle cures." Therefore, I am generally very skeptical about such things.

However, the Powerinsole completely convinced me!

As a football player, I am accustomed to dealing with injuries, but since I started using the Powerinsole, I have had no complaints whatsoever. I also use the Powerinsole in my work shoes as a locksmith, both in the workshop and out in the field. If I happen to put on the wrong shoe in the morning, I feel tired in my legs all day. I cannot imagine my life in sports or everyday activities without the Powerinsole anymore.