Chris Riedl / OCR Athlet

Spartan Racer / OCR Athlete

I tested the Powerinsole in my training, lifestyle, work, and cycling shoes, and I have to say: it's amazing!

I didn't think it would work so well. I approached the test with skepticism because I couldn't imagine that the Powerinsole would really work and how it would work. What struck me was that during training, I could deliver significantly more performance. I know my training results and the areas where I have problems, and I am truly more efficient. Especially during my trail run, the recovery was significantly better. After the strenuous run, I felt like I hadn't run at all. In the records, you can see that my heart rate was up to 8 beats per minute lower! That's awesome! Especially during interval training, it's really amazing because I can push even harder and challenge my body even more. I am super surprised, and I just think it's awesome! I can't and don't want to be without the Powerinsole anymore. You don't even feel the Powerinsole in the shoe; for me, there's no difference in comfort whether it's in or not. It's brilliant!

I am convinced, and I will definitely continue to use the Powerinsole. I want to qualify for the Spartan Race European Championships, and I believe the Powerinsole can support me well in that endeavor.

"Push it to the Limits"