Dr. med. S. Aigster-Evangelidis


In terms of the cardiovascular system and the evaluation of test results regarding heart rate, it can be assumed that long-term/permanent use of Powerinsole® can describe the following positive effects:

   - Prevention against cardiodilation and subsequent heart muscle weakness leading to heart failure
   - Positive effects on the blood circulation and pressure by regulating heart rate
   - Regulation of heart rate in stressful situations
   - Energetic balance during continuous strain

Numerous tests involving both amateur and professional athletes, including double-blind trials, as well as observations in daily life, have shown the following improvements:

- Warm-up phase before the competition without energy loss
- Improved recovery after the competition
- Prevention of muscle soreness
- Faster breakdown of lactate and glycogen incorporation
- Reduction or avoidance of muscle cramps
- Endurance promotion through improved tissue oxygenation
- Regulatory effect on the cardiovascular system
- Significantly lower heart rate during exertion
- Enhanced blood circulation

Dr. Susanne Aigster-Evangelidis
Medical Doctor in Human and Orthomolecular Medicine