Clemens Bartl

My name is Clemens Bartl, and I am an outdoor photographer. Through my profession, I can pursue my passion and spend a lot of time in nature and in the mountains, whether it's hiking, climbing, running, cycling, or mountaineering.

I'm more than willing to wake up in the middle of the night for that perfect shot of a breathtaking sunrise at 3000m above sea level!

Since I started using the Powerinsole, it feels like I can tap into my muscles' maximum performance faster! When I used to start early in the morning, my muscles were often tired and not fully ready for action halfway through the journey.

I wear the Powerinsole every day and switch them to a different pair of shoes about 4 times a day. If they lose their stickiness, a quick wash is all they need to adhere again.

I'm very glad to have discovered Powerinsole and can only recommend everyone to try it out for themselves!